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New Horizon Fleets was a task force-style RPG that started in June 2007 and closed its doors January of 2008 to open Omega Fleets.

It went from a fleet-style RPG to a task force-style RPG.

The storyEdit

It's the year 2386 and the Federation is allies with the Romulans, but can they save themselves from any threat that comes their way? New Horizon Fleets is about new beginnings. At New Horizon Fleets, we believe in giving everyone a chance who comes through the door.

The RPGEdit

This RPG is comprised of Starfleet Command and four task forces:

  • Task Force 1: Renaissance
  • Task Force 2: Omega
  • Task Force 3: Explorer
  • Task Force 20: Adventure

External linkEdit

New Horizon Fleets

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