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Neringa Zvikaite is the Communications Officer of the USS al-Qazwini. She is a nun.


Her family originated from Litvania near the Baltic Sea, but her ancestors in the 21 Century lived in the Independent Deep Sea Colonies of the Pacific Ocean, and they received some kind of genetic enchantment in the time of the Eugenics Wars, to be sea-born. Neringa was born to be a kind of selkie with a hypnotic voice, sea-gills on her neck, and webbed hind feet and fingers. She uses her talents to better communicate with people, and better manipulate them. She sings in a catholic christian choir since childhood. Her family life was quite normal for human standards, it is not uncommon for people to live undersea in the 24th Century.

Starfleet careerEdit

She had exceptional grades at the Starfleet Academy, later she moved as a translator for the Starfleets Diplomatic Corps. At the beginning of the Dominion War she volunteered for cryptographic projects started by Starfleet Intelligence, this is how she waked the interests of the al-Qazwini-project. In 2375, she was communications officer of the USS al-Qazwini with rank lieutenant.


Neringa feels, that her eugenic background makes people susceptible around her. She could manipulate her soundwawes as a cetacean, and has the hearing of a megarite, this makes her thoughts more abstract, that the average human thinking. She uses her talents to better communicate with people, and better manipulate them. She is deeply religious in her feelings, at the time of the beginning of the mission of the USS al-Qazwini she is an initiate in the Second Order of the Choir of Seraphim, a catholic christian monk-premature (more plainly: she is a nun). However, she is secretly attracted to the stoic conn officer of the ship, Galarrwuy Yunupingu, who is the only genetically enchanted human in the Federation, whom she ever met (beside her family).

Cultural BackgroundEdit

The -te suffix at the end of her surname means in litvanian language, that she is single. (Star Trek: USS al-Qazwini)

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