Ensign Nell Deveraux was a human security officer in the late 24th century. (Eighth Fleet RPG)

Early lifeEdit

Antoinelle Marie Deveraux was born in New Orleans in 2360. She was raised in a naturally multi-linguistic environment and culture, so she was already able to speak and understand several languages, and showed an aptitude for learning them.


Deveraux entered Starfleet Academy in 2378. Her linguistic aptitude proved itself quickly, when among her fellow cadets, though her own personality and interests geared her towards a more tactical training program. She made many friends, and several of her graduating classmates were assigned together in 2382.


In 2382, along with Anni Heikinnen, Harlo Jast and Paro Taryn, among those who were assigned to the USS Tethys together from the Academy's Class of 2382.

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