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Nebula Squadron is one of several designations given to training groups at Starfleet Academy in the 24th century. The squad generally consists of 5 to 8 Cadets from the same academic year, overseen by a Field Instructor and (in the freshman and sophomore years), by several upperclass cadets, known as Cadre.

2358 - 2362Edit

For the class of 2362, Nebula Squadron consisted of the following cadets:

The squad's field instructor was Lieutenant Commander Steve Tecklenberg, and their training vessel was the USS Beachmont. One of the Cadre for Nebula Squad was Timothy Barranco.

2364 - 2368Edit

Members of Nebula Squadron (Class of '68) included, among others:

From 2367 to 2368, Lieutenant Timothy Sinclair served as Nebula Squadron's field instructor.

2380 - 2384Edit

Members of Nebula Squadron (Class of '84) included, among others:

Their field instructor was Commander Tuvok, and the Beachmont was once again the squad's training vessel.

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