Nathanial Trust was first officer aboard the USS Invincible. He was positioned over Adam Tryke by designs from Admiral Jean-Luc Picard to keep an eye on Tryke until he was ready to assume command of Invincible.

Early Life Edit

Born on Mars, he always expressed a dislike of Earth. One time, he went so far as to propose while they were in an altered timeline that they not go back and fix Earth's history. (Star Trek: Invincible - "The Temporal Directive")


His first assignment in Starfleet was on the Galaxy-class cruiser Warhammer, which was constructed in response to the Jem'Hadar threat. He served as a science officer during the Dominion War. Out of 300 crew that originally served on the ship, he was one of only 92 survivors. These losses had a profound impact on Trust; who, because of the experience, had a hard time getting friendly with crew members. (Star Trek: Invincible - "Viral Damage")

After the Dominion War, he was assigned to the Invincible in 2385. He was among the first to discover the invasion on the Invincible by the inhabitants in the rogue nebula. (Star Trek: Invincible - "Viral Damage")


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