Lt. Commander Nathan Reed was a human Starfleet Intelligence officer in the late 24th century. (Star Trek: Pendragon)


Reed entered Starfleet Academy in 2364 at the age of eighteen. Assigned to Nebula Squadron, he became close friends with squadmates Ryan Dicker and Brendan Wise. While at the Academy, he came to greatly respect Timothy Sinclair after he became the squad's field instructor in 2367. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Wanderers, Seekers, Warriors, Thinkers")

Nathan graduated in 2368. His first assignment was on the USS Venture as a relief helmsman.

After the Federation Civil War, Nathan was recruited into Starfleet Intelligence, along with Brendan Wise. They were partnered on several assignments, and in the early 2380s, were part of the intelligence staff on Starbase 375. (PDN: "Where the Silence Breaks", "A Quiet Darkness", "Stalking the Night")

As a Lieutenant Commander, Reed became the intelligence officer on the USS Pendragon after her refit in 2385. (PDN: "Crosses & Crowns")