Natalya Zhurova was a Starfleet medical officer who served in the late 24th century. She graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2362, and from medical school in 2365. From 2370 onward, she served as the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Repulse. (Star Trek: The Nomad Frontier)

Early LifeEdit

Natalya was born on September 25, 2341 in Togliatti, Russia, on Earth. She was the only child of Ivan Zhurov and his wife, Irina. Her father was overbearing and demanding. A failed medical student himself, he pushed young Natalya into medicine. She wanted to be a ballerina, but acquiesced to her father's wishes. (ST: TNF "Archangel")

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Natalya took premedical studies at the Academy, graduating in 2362. After graduation, she was accepted into medical school. When she graduated, she did so in the top ten percent of her class.

Early CareerEdit

Natalya's first assignment out of med school was a resident at Starfleet Medical. After her internship, she was assigned to the USS Caduceus, a medical ship.

USS RepulseEdit

Following several years aboard the Caduceus, in 2370 it was decided that she was ready to serve as CMO of a starship, and she was reassigned to the USS Repulse. She generally avoids the bridge where possible, believing that as a doctor, her place is in Sickbay.

As a DoctorEdit

Natalya is more of a surgeon that a general practitioner. As a result, her bedside manner can often be found lacking. She is highly competent, however, and she does make attempts to be social with the crew when she is off-duty. However, this is tempered by her concern of getting too close, fearing that personal relationships may affect her otherwise dispassionate decisions in a triage situation.

Personal LifeEdit

Because she does not spent a lot of time on the bridge, she is the most isolated member of the senior staff aboard the Repulse. By 2371, she was in a stable, albeit long-distance relationship with Lieutenant Marsha Hernandez, an officer stationed on Starbase 375. (ST: TNF "Archangel")

Her relationship with her parents can best be described as strained, and she does not speak with them often.

Summary of ServiceEdit

Dates of RankEdit

Insignia Rank Date Notes
ENS (TNG).png
Blue (TNG).png
Lieutenant Junior Grade 2366 (Stardate 43117.4) Surgeon aboard USS Caduceus
LT (TNG).png
Blue (TNG).png
Lieutenant 2370 (Stardate 47566.8) CMO of USS Repulse

Decorations and AwardsEdit


Date Rank(s) Unit Class Notes
2366 (Stardate 43117.4) LTJG USS Caduceus Olympic class Surgeon
2370 (Stardate 47566.8) LT USS Repulse Nebula Class Chief Medical Officer

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