Nat Wallace was a Terran Starfleet officer in the early 25th century. He commands the Terran starship ISS Chronostorm (alternatively the ISS Firestorm-F), and while supposedly being a mere Terran admiral, is secretly also a key member, if not outright leader of the Klingon-Cardassian-Iconian Alliance, and one of the Alliance's now somehow numerous Regents. (Earth Spacedock)


Alliance "Recruitment"Edit

Nat "recruited" the prime universe Krystal Jade, alternate Nat Wallace, and alternate Sarah Walker is his attempts to foil Admiral Leeta's attempts to defeat the Alliance once and for all. Eventually, they uncovered the methods used to travel to the prime universe, setting it aside for later use.

USS Sally Subspace InvasionEdit

Nat intercepted the USS Sally-F when the vessel was lost in subspace, but eventually lost the ISS Chronostorm and was evidently captured by Anna Walker.

Temporal Fracture FacilityEdit

Nat boarded a secret facility in a temporal fracture in order to stop it's inhabitants from combining all the quantum universes into one, but eventually encountered Krystal, Sarah Walker, and their allies, disappearing later and searching on his own, having been discovered for having scouted out for Anna Walker. He eventually returns, having reacquired the Chronostorm, and assists the others in battle against Terrans forces from an alternate mirror universe.


Nat's interests are largely unknown, although it could be suspected that he hates pizza and despises the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, given that his prime counterpart loves both.

Alternate UniversesEdit

There are, as of 2410, 3 alternate universe versions of Nat active; including his prime counterpart, and Captain Nat (alternate universe) from a alternate universe accessed via a wormhole in the Natara Expanse in the prime universe, and said counterpart's mirror counterpart, and logically this Nat's alternate counterpart accessed from his universe's equivalent of that expanse, Nat Wallace (alternate mirror universe).

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