The Nagano-Miyake Compact of 2153 is a legal document signed by the main galactic powers that states that any derelict space vessel or other items from one government can be claimed by an individual from another government if the item is found in spatial territories not claimed by a signatory government.

In 2269, Cyrano Jones attempted to use the Nagano-Miyake Compact to solidify his claim to a Glommer that he had stolen from a Klingon agricultural colony planet.

USS Enterprise chief engineer Montgomery Scott, while not mentioning the Compact by name, correctly noted that it only applied to spatial territories not claimed by signatories. (TAS: "More Tribbles, More Troubles")

In 2380, USS Yagami helmswoman Irina Nielsen correctly quoted the compact to give ownership of the USS Enterprise-B to Stargazer Seville and her friends and allies, following the destruction of their original vessel. (Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation vs. Star Trek: Omega Force: "Beyond the Edge of Forever")


The Compact is named after two individuals noted for their accomplishments on two of Japanese television's popular obstacle course competition specials: Makoto Nagano, grand champion of the 17th Sasuke tournament and Ayako Miyake, a three-time winner of Sasuke's women's-only spin-off, Kunoichi.

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