A Myhr'an incubation chamber is a type of chamber employed by the M'Tar to create Myhr'an clones.

Aboard the Myhr'an super battle cruiser in 2372, several Myhr'an incubation chambers of varying sizes stood one atop the other over the space of three decks, numbering twenty columns in each area. USS Cantabrian first officer Elizabeth Singh surmised they operated by creating the clone in the top chamber (at a mere quarter of a meter), and, as the clone grew via incubation, it would slide further down the system. When the clone was fully grown, it would depart the bottom-most chamber (at deck-level, two-and-a-half meters tall).

Singh ordered Benjamin Caldwell to eject the incubation chambers into space: a move Daniel Radke strongly disagreed with. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Catalyst, Part Two")

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