The Mugato-class corvette was a type of starship active in Starfleet service during the late 23rd century. The ships were first introduced in 2284. (Orion Press: In Harm's Way, Chekov's Enterprise)

The Juliet-class corvettes occupy the same NCC registry numbers and may be an alternate universe counterpart of these ships.

The Mugato-class ships resembled Saladin-class destroyers, except that the primary hull was more triangular in shape. Corvettes of this class had a "rollbar" above the primary hull, similar to that of Miranda-class light cruisers. Depending on mission requirements, this rollbar held sensor emplacements or photon torpedo bays.

Background informationEdit

The Mugato class was named after the mugato, an anthropoid indigenous to Neural (Zeta Boötis III). (TOS: "A Private Little War")

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