Agent Morgan was a Section 31 operative in the 24th century. (Star Trek: Independence, part of the United Trek Fan-Fiction Universe)

He was a Human of African decent. He had a heavy build and a mustache.


Agent "Morgan" has been known to associate with Admiral William Ross.

In 2374, Morgan punished Agent Gennaro Laurent after attempting to launch a personal vendetta against Captain Terrence Glover. (Dark Territory "Dust to Dust")

In late 2375, he identified a young officer named Sintina Aurelia as a candidate to take command of the USS Independence (NCC-77199). He thought she experienced enough to do the bidding of Section 31 without becoming too questioning. He concluded, "She'd make a good soldier."

Ultimately, Aurelia didn't live up to his expectations. First, she unwittingly exposed a 31 plan to discredit the Romulans on Cardassia Prime. Then, in September of 2376, Aurelia and her crew disrupted a Section 31 plan to assassinate presidential candidate Norah Satie. It was the last straw for Morgan and his peer, Agent Visala. (Star Trek: Independence "Way of the Gun")

He ordered the deaths of the Independence crew. The plan, executed by agent Nicole Chase was not entirely effective. Only half the crew was eliminated and most of the command crew survived. To make matters worse, the ship (which they wanted intact), was destroyed.

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