"More, More, More!" is a fan-fiction short story, by the pseudonymous jespah, set aboard Enterprise (NX-01). It covers Captain Archer's brief incapacitation, and rehabilitation by time traveler Richard Daniels.

On July 10, 2154, Captain Jonathan Archer becomes briefly compromised when his lunch is contaminated by a colony of Nokarid. The tiny sentient life forms take up temporary residence in his brain, making him unfit for command but also enhancing his sense of humor and amping up his libido, enough so that he makes a minor pass at Tactical crewman Stephanie Ayers.

Daniels is tasked with removing the infestation, saving the tiny colony and restoring the captain's confidence in command. He does so by showing future events involving various ships called Enterprise.

These events include Christopher Pike and Spock on the Talosian home world (TOS: "The Menagerie"), James T. Kirk executing the Corbomite Maneuver (TOS: "The Corbomite Maneuver"), Jean-Luc Picard confronting Q, and Miyang Sulu bringing needed supplies to a remote colony.

Upon his recovery, the captain joins the party, and dances with the Columbia's captain, Erika Hernandez.


The title is taken from a popular song by the Andrea True Connection, initially broadcast on Earth in 1976.

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