Moggs was a Starfleet science officer stationed aboard the USS Ragnarok in the early 25th century. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


In 2410, Moggs was assigned to the USS Ragnarok and was present during the bridge crew's first staff meeting. He was instrumental in identifying and finding a solution to a volatile bilitrium jewel attached to a Verathan sub-ossemite statue which Captain Oroku Seifer activated by accident in the briefing room. He postulated and was proven correct that Saurian flowers were similar enough to Verathan flowers to have an effect against the dangers of the sub-ossemite statue. ("Department Heads")

When the Ragnarok investigated the Breen interruption of a Deferi colony world, Moggs was a part of the away team that beamed down to the planet and discovered that the Deferi were keeping secret ancient underground temples away from public knowledge. ("Neutrality for Beginners")

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