The Mirror War
Date: 2602 - unknown
Location: Primary universe, mirror universe
Result: Unknown
United Federation of Planets Second Terran Empire
Admirals Frank Riker, Klug The Emperor

The Mirror War is the term used to describe the conflict between the primary and mirror universes in the early 27th century. The first attack from the mirror universe occurred on September 10, 2602. (Star Trek: Mirror Wars)


The war started when the ISS Enterprise-O attacked the USS Enterprise-O. The Enterprise-O sent a message to Starfleet warning of the attack. Starfleet sent a fleet to meet the enemy fleet. Unknown to them, the fleet they were attacking was only a diversion while a cloaked fleet went to attack Vulcan (see main article, Battle of Vulcan for more info). After that, the war went badly for Starfleet, but no details were given.

Later, Starfleet crossed over into the mirror universe and attacked Earth. They were defeated, however, because somehow the Second Terran Empire knew they were coming.

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