The Mirak assault carrier was a supercarrier fielded by the Mirak Star League. Carriers were painted blue/purple whereas cruisers were painted orange/brown. They were preferred to their smaller cousins the Mirak carriers because they could carry more attack fighters in battle (80 vs. 9) and they could use the multi-vector mode. When they did, they formed three ships, each of which was capable of independent operation. The components were numbered from port to starboard. The total firepower of a Mirak assault carrier could match that of a Norexan-class starship.

Mirak Star LeagueEdit

One of these carriers saw service during Operation Telenoes. Damage sustained from phased plasma torpedo fire triggered its multi-vector assault mode. It required the intervention from the GHS Marianela and the IKV Naq'jej, in addition of the RIS Bouteina to finally get rid of the pieces, as well as its 80 fighters. (RIS Bouteina: "Distress Call")

The Mirak black box captured from the wreckage by the Tal Shiar have identified the assault carrier destroyed in Operation Telenoes as the MRC Radioh. (RIS Bouteina: "Take Me Out to the Zoo")

It should be noted that the MRC Radioh was not Numida's flagship and it was a Mirak battleship instead.

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