Gor Mindesa Rhos, a native of Lakariy'ane (Lakarian City), served as an enlisted crewperson on the engineering staff of the CUW Trager. Though Cardassian by birth, in 2375 Rhos was selected by ship's doctor, Sekdain Istep, as the most viable candidate for a risky surgical alteration to impersonate Arawil, the Vorta "representative" aboard the Trager.

For some time, only Dr. Istep, Gul Macet, and his two glinns knew Rhos' true identity. Though the pressure of the situation caused her to behave more irritably than Arawil and nearly blew her cover, Rhos succeeded in administering tainted ketracel white to the Trager's Jem'Hadar contingent. In the process, she discovered a capacity for acts in the service of the Cardassian Union no placement test had ever revealed her ability to contemplate.

After eliminating all Dominion servants aboard the Trager, however, Rhos' surgery was not reversed: she was still needed to impersonate Arawil in official communications with the Dominion. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order)

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