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Captain Milana Ralo is a Starfleet captain, commanding officer of a starship. She is also the wife of Trill government official Aumil Killan and mother of Tawana Jonar.

Her name is pronounced "mih-LAH-nah RAH-low". Ralo is a Bolian surname.


Her father was a Bolian and her mother was a Betazoid. While she primarily inherited her mother's features (although she does have a bifurcated ridge running down the middle of her body like the Bolians), she did not inherit any telepathy.

Career and TawanaEdit

While Tawana Killan was young, Milana Ralo and her husband Aumil Killan would share the child-rearing duties between them. This included, according to Tawana, living on various starbases and starships that her mother was stationed on. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Catalyst, Part One")

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