The Mijanou Syndrome was the name of a curable sickness that led some species, like the Klingons, the Rakelli and the Barkonians to become zombies. It was first encountered on an away mission of the crewmen of the IKV Eidolon, with the sickness itself named after one of its survivors. (RIS Bouteina)

Medical descriptionEdit

The people afflicted from the Mijanou Syndrome often had rotten bodies, as well as slow wits due to their rotting brains. However, for all their troubles, they could live a lot longer and eat a lot less than if they were normal. It was caused by a bacteria and it could be cured by hylanatine. Barkonians and Rakelli could be cured without citric acid being mixed into their medicine; however, Klingons needed to have it mixed with a source of citric acid for the cure to work. (RIS Bouteina: "Eidolon (Bouteina episode)", "Two-Speed Intellect")

Notable patientsEdit

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