Cardassian doctor Midzour Hetalc holds the rank of dalin and serves as chief medical officer aboard the CUW Sherouk. Hetalc is particularly honored for his age seniority, as well as his deep specialist's knowledge in the field of Cardassian neurology. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions)

In the Star Trek: Sigils and Unions continuity, this rank places Hetalc directly under the ship's XO and chief engineer in seniority.

Hetalc took an intense interest in neurology after bringing his commander, Gul Tayben Berat, back from the brink of death in 2371 following an assassination attempt on Volan III. Even though Berat was in status epilepticus, Hetalc successfully prevented damage to his cognitive and speech functions, as well as saving enough of his peripheral nervous system to prevent any significant loss in mobility. Though he could not restore Berat the full use of his hands or prevent all other symptoms of his condition, including the pain episodes, Gul Berat is intensely grateful for Hetalc's role in saving his life and restoring enough function that he could (after a risky appeal) retain command of the Sherouk.

As a dalin, Hetalc was among the senior officers provided a choice by Gul Berat as to whether they wished to remain on the Sherouk under his command following his injury--a duty Hetalc gladly accepted. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order, "Let He Who Has Eyes See")

Four years later, Gul Berat would solicit Dr. Hetalc's assistance in a plan to eliminate the Dominion contingent assigned to the Sherouk. Hetalc would rule that unlike the situation on Gul Macet's Trager, no one on the crew bore sufficient resemblance to the Vorta Dasreen to make surgical alteration of a crewmember a viable option. However, his observations and conjectures on Vorta visual acuity proved critical in bringing Berat's alternate plan to fruition.

At that time, Hetalc expressed grave concerns about the Dominion's ability to program beliefs into its genetically-engineered soldiers and sought permission from Berat to dissect the bodies of the dead Jem'Hadar to determine what neurological structures the Founders used to do so. Hetalc particularly worried about whether those possible structures were engineered into the Jem'Hadar at conception, or if they might be spread by pathogenic means--which would mean the Cardassian population was at risk. ("Let He Who has Eyes See")

After the Thirteenth Order's Battle of Lessek, Hetalc attempted to treat the Vulcan officer T'Ruveh for a severe head injury suffered during the ground assault. She had been routed to his ship due to the expertise his work with Berat has granted him; however, his efforts were not enough to save her and he was clearly disturbed by the loss. (The Thirteenth Order)

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