Lieutenant Michael Swanson is the tactical officer and navigator of the USS Valkyrie(NCC-2590). He is well liked by the crew for taking their security seriously. (Star Trek: Valkyrie)

Early life and careerEdit

Swanson was born in 2268 and wanted to join Starfleet from an early age. During his senior year at Starfleet Academy Swanson played on a parrises squares team which made it to the collegiate finals. (Star Trek: Valkyrie: "The Admiral", "The Sculpture")

On the ValkyrieEdit

On Stardate 9711 the Valkyrie entered the Tolic Nebula in response to a distress signal and the ship became trapped by a dampening field. Swanson successfully piloted a shuttlecraft to tractor the ship out of harm's way. After crashing on the surface of a planet in the nebula he was able to deactivate the dampening field. (Star Trek: Valkyrie: "The Nebula")

External linksEdit

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