Michael Simmons (service number: EL 633-8477) is Ship's Counselor aboard the USS Intrepid.

Early life and careerEdit

Michael Simmons was born on Earth in 2350 (Terran calendar).

The Intrepid missionsEdit

Simmons was assigned to the Intrepid after Keran Azhan's sudden reassignment. In addition to being a skilled psychologist, he began his career as an NCO specialising in transporter operations. He returned to the Academy in 2376 to undertake the NCO bridging course. Training as a behavioural scientist, he graduated in 2379.

In 2382, Simmons was briefly seconded to Chiron Station to assist with the construction of that outpost.


Background informationEdit

  • Michael Simmons is played by Nick Beckwith in all of the character's appearances on Star Trek: Intrepid.

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