Ensign Michael Neumann

Michael Neumann was a human Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. He served in the Starfleet SEALs, and was assigned to SEAL Team Alpha-6 aboard the USS Pendragon. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Life and careerEdit

Michael Edward Neumann was born on Earth in the mid-2350s. His father was Glenn Neumann, a Starfleet pilot who would later work with the Eagle's Nest Squadron.

Neumann entered Starfleet Academy in 2374, one of the first recruits to join after the Federation Civil War. His roommate and best friend at the Academy was Andrew Rice, and he was romantically involved with Joy Sleeman. Neumann graduated in 2378 and, along with Rice, immediately entered the SEAL training program. Lt. Commander Joshua Gorman was one of their instructors, and requested that they be assigned to his team.

His first extended deployment began when Gorman's team joined the crew of the USS Pendragon in early 2379. Michael distinguished himself in several engagements, and proved his worth as an infiltration specialist.

Ensign Neumann was killed while responding to the terrorist attacks on Trillius Prime in late 2381. (PDN: "Red Sky")


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