Yeoman First Class Mia Joan Colti was a noted member of Starfleet in the 23rd century. She was known to be very attractive, as well as exceptionally smart.

Colti was born in 2204 on Martian Colony 3. In 2229, Colti was assigned as the Captain's aide to Lieutenant Commander Robert April, who had just been assigned to the SS Yorktown. She maintained a close, flirtatious relationship with Doctor Phillip Boylan, a fact that disturbed Boylan, as he was a married man. (Star Trek is...)

Colti was based in part on J.M. Colt, and the description of "Yeoman Colt" in Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek pitch. Her first name is taken from the first name given Yeoman Colt in Star Trek: Early Voyages. It was the author's intention that Mia Colti was an ancestor of Admiral Colti in the 24th century, although this was not explicitly stated in the pitch.

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