Commander Melyot was the first officer of the Federation starship USS Jenova in the late 24th and early 25th century. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X, Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge)


In 2375, Melyot was part of a small fleet to protect the Flortarious sector. On Flortarios III, the Captain's and first officer's of the fleet were invited to a "meet and greet" where Captain Daniel feared Ensign Dan would make a fool of him in front of Melyot. Later, Melyot would be on the bridge of the Jenova coordinating defences during a sudden Dominion attack against the planet. ("The Bajoran Trove")

By the early 25th century, Melyot is either still at rank Commander or returned to the position.

In 2410, Melyot installed Kobali technology aboard the Jenova. Almost immediately after apologizing for it, the crew of the ship, including Melyot, discovered they were trapped inside a Devidiian-created static warp shell. Melyot suggested taking things slow until they could figure things out. He eventually intimidated Jeffery Jacobs into explaining that they were being held in a labor camp. By the end, the crew used Wesley Crusher's warp calculations to get out and Melyot apprehended Jeffery for his illegal time travelling, seconds before Jeffery was beamed back out into space. ("Visit to a Weird Planet, Revisited - Again")

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