Melody Irea was a Starfleet acting Ensign serving on board the USS Constance starting in 2409. (Star Trek: Constance)
Melody Irea

Early lifeEdit

Melody's father reportedly served as an engineer on board the USS Roosevelt, which inspired her to get interested in Starfleet and Engineering. She was however admittedly very nervous around people, and had long been trying to decide whether or not to enter Starfleet Academy.

The ConstanceEdit

Melody approached Captain Rachel Covaks who was waiting near the academy for her first officer who was to return. Despite her nervousness, Melody talked to Captain Covaks, who offered her a chance to get some experience on board the Constance as an acting Ensign.

She was assigned to Engineering, where she would help out Lora Heinrichs during the battles with the Klingons and the True Way.

Background informationEdit

Melody was likely partially based off of Wesley Crusher to an extent, which would be one of several allusions to Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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