Melissa Madden was a Pilot on the USS Defiant (NCC-1764) (In Between Days:Together).

Melissa Madden
Melissa in 2158
Actor: Catherine Bell
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 2134
Died: 2166
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Title: Pilot
Stationed: USS Defiant (NCC-1764)
Rank: Crewman
Siblings: Monica Madden, Marilyn Madden, Meghan Madden, Misty Madden, Miri Madden


Early LifeEdit

Melissa was born on February 21, 2134 (In Between Days: Intolerance, Together).

She was the fourth of six girls in her family. From an early age, she knew she was bisexual (In Between Days: Together).


Melissa was with the USS Defiant (NCC-1764). She worked as a pilot, often on the night shift, and was on board by 2161 (In Between Days: Coveted Commodity).

Personal LifeEdit

In 2161, she was in a lesbian relationship with fellow pilot Shelby Pike (In Between Days: Coveted Commodity).

She met Andrew Miller (mirror) while watching a baseball game on the Defiant for Game Night; the latter was responsible for collecting gambling debts but was also the main designated lover of the Empress, Hoshi Sato. This occurred on July 9, 2162 (In Between Days: The Play at the Plate).

In probably August of 2166, she discovered she was pregnant with Miller's child. Because she would be kicked off the Defiant, and unable to admit Miller's paternity, she would be left without an income. On September 11, 2166, Miller asked his friend, Josh Rosen, to set up a fund to launder money for the baby's support. Rosen agreed to do so, but informed Miller that he would disavow knowledge of the fund if ever caught (In Between Days: Escape).

On September 12, 2166, Madden informed the Empress that she was pregnant, but did not divulge the name of the father, making it appear as if she had several lovers. The Empress ordered Madden and Miller to go to the surface of Vulcan (planet) in order to obtain two slaves to perform time travel calculations. They chose T'Pau (mirror) and Kefris (mirror). However, engine trouble upon lifting off caused the shuttle to crash, thereby killing Madden (In Between Days: Fortune, Times of the HG Wells: The Point is Probably Moot).

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Bridge to nowhere."
In Between Days: Fortune)

External linkEdit


  • Images of actors are used to simulate the cast of the series. As a result Melissa Madden is portrayed by Catherine Bell.

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