McCoy 12 was a Federation scientific research facility active in the 24th century. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

According to Captain Benjamin Kelsoe's captain's log, the station was legendary for its scientific research and the genius scientist, who worked there.

In 2380, the USS Pioneer was assigned to give the station its annual maintenance checkup. However, when they arrived all they found no signs of life. After a visit from Q, the crew beamed aboard to find that everything in the interior of the station has turned to stone. After a thorough search of the station, and some help from Q, the crew found Dr. Philip J. Eyota trapped behind a force field in his research lab. It was soon discovered that Eyota had used illegal subspace technology, based on subspace weapon technology, in an experiment that had caused the station's interior to change to stone. With help from Q, the crew was able to retrieve Eyota from the force field and take him back to Earth to face charges of illegal scientific research. ("Set In Stone")

By 2383, Breen forces had taken over the facility. ("Internal")

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