Mavis Warrington was a human female that was a member of Powerleveling Squadron in the early 25th century. As a fighter pilot, her callsign was Arag.


As a native of Coridan (planet), she went to the same high school as Janielle Potvin, Waverly Prep, the latter of which actually spent only one year in the same class as she did. Mavis entered high school later than Janielle and graduated before her. She was also known as a genius for this reason. Although a few students successfully outdid her in tests, none of them did so with any kind of regularity; Janielle succeeded in doing so exactly once, during the advanced biology final of the year Janielle actually spent with her.

However, university, and graduate school more specifically, has not been kind to her. She wanted to enroll in a PhD program in philosophy but she was shut out the first year applying and joined Starfleet right after that so that she could do something before applying again, flying for Powerleveling Squadron, and ghostwriting Pedicord Apartments, later letting Janielle take over after being admitted to Carnegie Mellon University, from which she graduated in 6.4 years. Six years out of graduate school, she became a full-fledged novelist. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Scrap Yard Vegas")

Unlike her co-author Janielle, Mavis never achieved the status of credited author at CMU Press. Compared to Janielle, her writing was more heavily laden with lengthy or complicated details. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "No plot? No problem!")


As her callsign indicated, she made frequent use of A-R-A-G when she answered questions, even in combat. She thus managed to incur the wrath of the other pilots of Powerleveling Squadron due to her poor grasp of combat communications protocol. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Scrap Yard Vegas")

Production notesEdit

Her callsign was named after a common saying in teacher training, A-R-A-G, which was for answering questions asked by students: Acknowledge-Rephrase (or Repeat)-Answer-Get back. She was tentatively played by D'Ann Barker for photomanipulation purposes, an astronomy PhD student, at the time of writing.

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