Matthew Timothy Owens was a mid 24th century scientist and brother of starship captain Michael Owens.

Matthew was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin on the North American continent on Earth in 2330. He was four years older than his brother but had the same brownish hair and distinct family chin.

Like his younger brother, Matthew took much after his mother, a successful oceanographer. She would often take both her sons to expeditions to oceans near and far. Matthew soon decided that he wished to take on his mother's profession. His father and dedicated Starfleet officer Jonathan Owens was however vehemently opposed to this and relentlessly attempted to convince Matthew to join Starfleet Academy instead.

The tenacity of his father would create a large rift between father and son and Matthew eventually decided to leave his family. A decision made easier by the tragic accidental death of his mother.

Matthew Owens enrolled at Cambridge University in England and began to pursue a career in quantum physics. At Cambridge he met fellow student Westren Frobisher with whom he joined forced in order to bring to life their joined dream of a dark anti-matter powered transporter system.

Both scientists dedicated their careers to their goal and their long pursuit culminated in 2366 with the first test run of their device on the barren planet of Periphocles V

The experiment which was supervised by then Lieutenant Commander Michael Owens ended in failure and tragedy when Matthew was killed by Frobisher in a desperate attempt to keep the experiment going even after it had obviously failed and threatened to destroy an entire planet.

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