A master's degree is a degree granted to individuals who have undergone study demonstrating a mastery or high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. Within the area studied, graduates are posited to possess advanced knowledge of a specialized body of theoretical and applied topics; high order skills in analysis, critical evaluation or professional application; and the ability to solve complex problems and think rigorously and independently. They are awarded after graduation from university, and, more specifically, graduate school. They are often pre-requisites to Doctor of Science programs.

By Lyran law, universities had to grant at least one master's degree a year to retain their university status. Universities that granted at least 50 masters' degrees a year were classified as master's universities as long as it didn't grant at least 20 doctorates a year. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Educational Armageddon")

Real-world Canadian university sporting rules mandated that student-athletes could only play five years on an athletic scholarship; in the 23rd century, competitive alcohol drinking was an officially sanctioned sport subjected to the rules of the CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) and thus, under the Quebec educational system, a player could complete a bachelor's degree and a master's degree until the eligibility period runs out. Aurelia Hambsch was one such student-athlete that pursued both undergraduate and graduate education on an athletic scholarship, being booed upon graduating from her master's degree. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Alcoholic Massacre, Part II")

Use of master's degrees in graduate education varied from discipline to discipline: in natural and social sciences, master's degrees were commonly awarded in Lyran universities, while many Federation universities award master's degrees to doctoral dropouts in these fields that still managed to complete all Doctor of Science requirements other than the thesis. However, in professional disciplines, master's degrees are more common. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Super-Jupiter Beacon")

Types of master's degreesEdit

  • Master of Arts (MA)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Laws (LLM)
  • Master of Public Health (MPH)
  • Master of Science (MSc)

Master's degree holdersEdit

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