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Maryland is a state in the United States of America on Earth, and the location of the cities of Baltimore, Annapolis, and Bethesda.

On 01 May 2053, Maryland was one of the states affected when nuclear weapons were detonated above Washington, DC. (The Lost Era novel: The Sundered)

In the 23rd century, Starfleet Security Academy was located in Annapolis. (TOS novel: Traitor Winds) A Starfleet Medical Center, built on the grounds of the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center, was in Bethesda. (Star Trek: Avenger)

The University of Maryland was the state university system of Maryland, with its flagship campus at College Park, an inner-ring suburb of Washington DC. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me")

Namesake starshipsEdit

USS Maryland (NCC-45109) was a Renaissance-class cruiser on duty in the 24th century. It was reported lost in the Gamma Quadrant sometime prior to 2373. (DS9: "In Purgatory's Shadow"; Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 1: The Ships of Starfleet)

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