Marx Richtor
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2347
Hair: Brown (shaved)
Eyes: One gray, one blue (cyber-ocular)
Height: 2.13 m
Weight: 148 kg
Affiliation: Imperial Union of Planets, Imperial Starfleet
Stationed: ISS Arcadia
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant-Commander Marx Richtor (known as "(Lieutenant-)Commander Marx" and "(Lieutenant-)Commander Richtor") was a Terran Starfleet officer, opportunist, and soldier in the mirror universe.

Born into slavery under the Alliance and removed from his parents shortly after birth, he had no real name; he went by different names while growing up. He was raised in slave camps until 2355, drafted into privateer service for the Alliance, 2355-2365, returned to slavery from 2365 to 2372, and in 2372 joined the Terran rebellion. In the rebel forces, he fought with the 13th Regiment (5th Battalion) (the "Blackmarks") out of Medalloy, and eventually commanded the regiment, taking the name "Marx" after regiment custom, ascribed for kills counted by scoring weapons. Marx kept a Cardassian phaser rifle, purportedly the first-ever fired by a Terran as an act of rebellion against the Alliance. After the Imperial Union of Planets was founded, he joined the new Starfleet Academy. His Starfleet service record was mostly unremarkable; he was frequently denied promotions.

In 2385, taking part in a coup to supplant the ISS Arcadia's first officer, Croi Tae'rshan, led by an alien named Richtor, Marx betrayed and killed Richtor at the last moment, claiming his identity in order to gain access to command codes and authorization through the ship's computer, which only recognized "Richtor" by name. Thus, he became the Arcadia's first officer. He added the name Richtor to his own as a sort of surname, symbolizing his victory.

Marx was intelligent and capable, but mean-tempered and quick to anger--brutish, basically a thug. He liked to drink, carouse, and fight. He was a good marksman and a highly aggressive combatant of average skill. During the war he sustained an eye injury, replacing the lost eye with a cybernetic, ocular implant which enabled him to see in visual ranges beyond the standard norm for humans. His intimidating physical stature and hot, brutish temper, combined with knowledge of the ISS Arcadia's technological systems, kept him "on top" and others (usually) in line. He was also a "Terran supremacist", a bigot prejudiced against non-Terran lifeforms.

Marx's tenure as XO did not last long. He tried to betray Stephen April during the 2385 siege of Ty'gokor and seize command of the Arcadia for himself. The attempt failed, and Marx was turned into a Borg drone--ironically, not by April himself, but by April's daughter, who occupied her father's body, reducing Marx to her personal bodyguard. He subsequently died in the ISS Arcadia's destruction at Romulus. (Star Trek: New Empire)


  • On Star Trek: New Empire, images of real-life celebrities were used to simulate characters. In this sense, Marx Richtor was "played" by Glen Jacobs, better known as the wrestler "Kane".
  • The element of Jacobs' separately colored eyes were added to the character, explained (above) with an ocular implant in one socket (the "blue" eye), similar to those of Geordi LaForge in the primary universe after 2371.