Mark Brennen was an officer in Starfleet in the 23rd century. (Star Trek: Eagle)

Early LifeEdit

Brennen was born in the city of New Berlin on Earth's moon in 2244. During his childhood, he gained a love for low gravity sports. Like his grandfather, who was a hero at the battle of Hegfie VI, he decided to join the Starfleet Academy once he was of age.

Life in StarfleetEdit

At the academy, he became an expert in communications. After graduation he was assigned to the USS Farragut. In 2270 he transferred to the USS Eagle while also gaining the rank of full lieutenant. While he was manning the communications station on the bridge the ship’s main comm officer, Lieutenant O'Reilly, was killed during a pirate hit and run attack on Epsilon Indi IV. Brennen was thereafter given the full position as the Eagle’s communications officer.

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