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A Marine Expeditionary Unit or MEU is a Starfleet Marine Corps ground combat element.


A Marine Expeditionary Unit is built around a reinforced Infantry Battalion, an aviation squadron, a support element and a command element. Marine Expeditionary Units usually have a troop strength of around 2,200 beings, and is most usually commanded by a colonel. When necessary, several MEUs can be grouped into a single unit, called a Marine Expeditionary Brigade, or MEB, which would be commanded by a Brigadier General. (Star Trek: New Order: "Lost Planet of the Gods")


Although a MEU may be deployed independently, or on a single vessel, it is often based out of a group of three or more ships, called a Marine Strike Group.

Special OperationsEdit

Often a MEU may be reinforced with a Starfleet Special Forces or Marine Force Recon Team, when this is the case, it is redesignated a MEU(SOC) or Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable).

Some material adapted from the Marine expeditionary unit article on Wikipedia

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