Ensign Maria Django was transferred from the USS Ulysses to the USS Sutherland late in 2371. Although very bright and talented, Ensign Django has been a discipline problem since her time in the Academy, with her poor attitude on more than one occasion costing her a promotion. Were it not for her drive and dedication to her duties, she would probably have been cashiered long ago. She is never shy about expressing her opinions on any given subject and is fiercely loyal to her friends and those she views as worthy of that loyalty. (Star Trek: Sutherland)

Early lifeEdit

Maria was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but moved to Rio de Janeiro with her family. Her mother was involved in the local tourist industry, running a hotel, while her father ran a charter dive boat. While a youth, Maria enjoyed going out on her father's dive boat where she quickly became a proficient diver, eventually becoming certified in almost all aspects of underwater diving. At the same time, while an elementary and secondary school student, she excelled as a diver and swimmer, earning medals and ribbons in numerous competitions. When not on her father's dive boat or working at the family hotel, Maria could often be found on the beach at Ipanema.

Educational yearsEdit

A bright student, the young Maria quickly achieved high marks for her academic achievements. Participated in high school swimming and dive teams, earning multiple medals and accolades.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

At first reluctant to apply to the Academy, a friend of Ensign Django's then serving on the USS Cortez convinced her to submit her application. Maria passed her Academy tests, including the psychological test, on her first attempt. Lacking Starfleet sponsorship for her application, she was admitted to the Academy on the basis of her high test scores and the strong support of local officials. While at the Academy, then Cadet Django quickly gained a reputation for both high performance in her classes and accumulating demerits and punishment tours for insubordination, ultimately graduating in the bottom third of her class. While in the Academy, her love for diving and swimming led her to participate in the Academy varsity teams in those sports. She regards her participation on those teams as one of the high points of her otherwise tempestuous tour at the Academy.

USS SutherlandEdit

Ensign Django played an important part in defeating an alien lifeform that had been preying on shipping within the Bajoran Sector. Later, she took part in a rescue mission resulting in the recovery of Ensign Sito Jaxa from the Cardassian Gul Rejak led by her shipmate LieutenantSam Lavelle. (Shakedown Cruise)

Family and personal lifeEdit


She has a romantic relationship with her shipmate Lieutenant Sam Lavelle.

Hobbies and other talentsEdit

Swimming and diving

Memorable quotesEdit

"That was for being an idiot. I expected Mary Poppins to get caught with her panties down, but I thought you had more sense…"
— Maria Django to Sam Lavelle after she slapped him for getting captured along with Alyssa Ogawa by mercenaries in "Ties that Bind".
"This is why I really joined Starfleet and why I stay in and put up with all the BS…” Her eyes now gazing at the prone body of Sito Jaxa on her biobed, the young Brazilian whispered as she brushed away a tear, “It’s for people like her."
— Maria Django to Sam Lavelle, Lieutenant Commander Worf, and Alyssa Ogawa in "Ties that Bind".
"These things are better than tractor beams."
— Maria Django commenting when she catches Sam Lavelle glancing at her bare chest in "Messages from Earth"

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