Marcus Antonio Abbott was a Starfleet officer that served in the mid-to-late 22nd century, most notably as an Ensign aboard the Poseidon.

Early LifeEdit

Marc is the second son of a Dive Instructor who lives and works in Tulum in the Yucatan Province of Mexico. His father, Gregory Abbot, came originally from England and settled in Mexico after meeting Marc’s half-hispanic mother, Magdalena. Marc gets his European looks from his father although he spent most of his life in and around the Yucatan Province.

Already an experienced and qualified Dive Instructor by the time he was 19, Marc worked for his Father’s business for several years while gradually discovering an interest and apparent talent for engineering.

He became fascinated with leading edge technologies and only his marriage to Cassandra slowed his progress through the levels of academic qualification. He gained a PhD in Engineering & Mechanical Science (specialising in Warp Field Devices). His Tutors spoke highly of his academic achievements and expressed no reservations about his technical abilities.

Life in StarfleetEdit

After three stormy years, the marriage finally failed. His separation from Cassie was made final when Marc decided to follow his dream and applied to Starfleet Academy when he was 29. At age 33, he finished his commission training and left the San Francisco Academy as an Ensign.

Passed as ‘Fit for Duty’ following medical assessment. Abbott He has extensive scarring on his upper right thigh where as he puts it, “Reef Whitetip had a nibble”. This is an old injury (autumn ‘53) which was poorly treated by local medical services, but there is no associated loss of mobility or discomfort.

Passed as ‘Fit for Duty’ following psychological assessment. There is however a footnote concerning his interpersonal skills. The suggestion is that Abbott’s disappointments of his pre-Fleet days have left him with a high degree of cynicism and some bitterness. Sometimes this manifests itself in a rather confrontational attitude and he can be overly blunt. The concern was not judged sufficiently serious to warrant counseling.

After serving onboard Poseidon as an engineering officer, the death of crewmember Ric Byan allowed for Abbott to use his real skill to it's full potential: as the ship's chief helmsman.

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