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Mala Corwin was born in Tycho City and enrolled in Starfleet Academy in 2367, ending up in Rho Squad along w/ future USS Lionheart shipmates Spencer Stone and Kimberly Chilton. She attended a Starship Tactics course taught by future CO Commander Gedna Tachion her 3rd year, impressing the seasoned officer. After graduation she opted not to attend Starfleet Medical Academy, instead taking the Nursing Officer position aboard the USS Lionheart. (Star Trek: Lionhearted: "New Orders")

While traveling aboard the USS Galaxy to Starbase 315 and the New London Fleet Yards, Corwin and Lieutenant Junior Grade Jason Meadows planned a first date on the starbase. However, Meadows' busy work schedule as Assistant Chief Engineer to get the USS Lionheart space worthy caused him to keep rescheduling it. Instead she made a date with Lieutenant Junior Grade Seff O'Rourke, one of the starbase's test pilots. During their dinner when Meadows showed up the two came to blows, and along w/ Meadows' friend Lieutenant Junior Grade Michael Garrett who tried to intervene, the three men ended up in the brig the night before the launch of the USS Lionheart. ("Star Trek: Lionhearted: Party Crashers")

Eventually Meadows proposed and she accepted. Afterwards the couple transferred to Commander Kiva's new command, the USS Starquest.

During the course of the war their relationship ended, to the point they didn't even speak outside of ship's business. (Star Trek: Lionhearted: "Familiar Faces")

By 2377 she had earned her PhD and was a Starfleet Physician w/ the rank of Lieutenant Commander. (Star Trek: Lionhearted: "Legacy")

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