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Makenzie is a young woman who has known, and been friends with, Kitano since childhood, and who now serves as his right hand in the administration. Because her parents were in Starfleet, she spent most of her life on starships. Not liking the Starfleet lifestyle, she chose not to follow them into service. All she's wanted was to live planet side. She was one of the first people to set foot on Star's End, as part of a survey team. She fell in love with the planet, and chose to build a life for herself in the new colony. (Star Trek: Star's End)

Makenzie is a strong worker, and a good friend. She is easygoing and makes friends quickly. She has two cats: a female named Lily and a male named Chester (both age 3), who keep each other company while Makenzie is at work.

In 2410 Makenzie showed her dedication to the settlement when she piloted a shuttle to blow up a Doomsday Machine that was threatening the planet. Her loyalty to Soren Kitano had her follow him in search of Progenitors, leading to a reuinion with her father. Makenzie has survived a forced mind meld by David Thune, traveled to the previously unknown planet Eja and grew closer to new Star's End resident, Jev Nolan.

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