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Akellen Macet (The Wounded)

Gul Macet (2367)

Gul Akellen Macet (Ilojan transliteration: Akelen Maset) was the Cardassian commander of the Galor-class warship Trager, belonging to the Third Order of the Cardassian Guard. Macet has held this command since 2365. (TNG: "The Wounded", Star Trek: Sigils and Unions)

Macet was the cousin of Skrain Dukat. Unlike Dukat, Macet is descended on his father's side from the people of Hăzăk, a Cardassian ethnic minority distinguishable from the majority by their beige-tinted skin and distinctive ridging patterns. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions: The Thirteenth Order)

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"A government's foundation will always crumble when its mortar is the blood of innocents!"
Captain Timothy Sinclair on Gul Madred's regime on Cardassia Prime. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Exile")

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