"Main's Brain" is the third episode of the first season of the Frontier Fleet: USS Calhoun series. It is the continuation and conclusion of the previous two episodes, within the early season one story arc.


Commander Fox D. Main was retrieved and taken back to the ship. It was found that his inexplicable behaviour was due to a brain parasite. Chief medical officer Rovan Bren and Captain Sera Vaun, a qualified doctor, attempted surgery. The surgery was successful, but the parasite's attempt to transfer to Captain Vaun killed her.

The ship reached Talax, where it received necessary repairs. With the captain dead and the first officer recovering from his ordeal, Doctor Bren assumed command and conducted diplomatic overtures with the Talaxians, successfully establishing friendly diplomatic relations on behalf of the Federation. Its first mission accomplished, the Calhoun returned to the Alpha Quadrant.

Trivia Edit

  • Captain Vaun died in this episode. She would appear again only once, briefly, in episode 1x16 "Shadows of Time", when the crew of 2390 was brought into contact with the crews of three periods from the Calhoun's future.
  • This episode did not initially have a title, and only acquired it retroactively in 2008, when all past episodes were given titles.
  • This episode's posts are missing from the archives, which only begin mid-way during episode 1x05 "The Parting of the Ways". "Main's Brain" is thus one of the Calhoun's four and a half "missing episodes".


Initial Season 1 cast and crewEdit

Command team for this episodeEdit


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