"Maiden Voyage" is the second episode of the first season of the Frontier Fleet: USS Calhoun series. It is a continuation of the previous episode, within the early season one story arc.


The Calhoun managed to exist the transwarp tunnel, but collided with one of the large creatures that had been following it. The impact damaged the ship, killing chief engineer Jason Buagh and Ambassador Deleane as well as several other crewmembers. It was found that the damage had been worsened by Commander Fox D. Main's attempt to raise the shields from his quarters, demonstrating his increasingly erratic behaviour. He was transferred to the brig.

Main escaped, taking a shuttle, and Lieutenant Aidon Danga, chief of operations, as hostage. A second shuttle was sent in pursuit. Meanwhile, the Talaxians made contact with the damaged Calhoun, towing it to their homeworld for repairs.

Trivia Edit

  • Several characters died in this episode, most notably main characters Jason Buagh and Deleane, leading to the Calhoun's enduring nickname of "Ship of the Doomed".
  • This episode did not initially have a title, and only acquired it retroactively in 2008, when all past episodes were given titles.
  • This episode's posts are missing from the archives, which only begin mid-way during episode 1x05 "The Parting of the Ways". "Maiden Voyage" is thus one of the Calhoun's four and a half "missing episodes".


Initial Season 1 cast and crewEdit


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