Madoka Michael was the daughter of Rio Farell and Katsuki Farell and a classmate of Karala Yagiyu. (Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar)

Madoka's parents died of a mutated form of the virus developed by Section 31 to kill the Founders that they contracted during the Dominion War. Rio Farell lived on a colonies in another galaxy that was connected to the Milky Way through a wormhole, but when a war broke out between the state she lived in and another state she returned to Earth. During pregnancy Madokas mother was hit by a strange light and received a vision of a strange obelisk in Africa. The vision indicated that there was a connection between Madoka and the obelisks. When Madoka was born a unusual star formation was visible in Earth's sky.

Madoka was born with a genetic anomaly, similar to Autism, that meant she was unable to speak. While she lacked any language skill she was able to draw impressively detailed pictures. She received a special treatment based on Doctor Julian Bashir's work with augments in the 2370s. After the treatment she started to display symptoms similar to Aspergers Syndrome.

Madoka is also a autistic savant and was able to repair the an ancient alien artefact in Africa. This was despite not having any formal training in the areas of electricity, electronics and physics.

Her membership in Starfleet was critisized in some articles of the tabloid press. [1]

Memorable quotesEdit

"If we are determined by outer influences , can we really say that someone is guilty?"
— Madoka to Hilal.
"Many people think that death gives life it's sence, but the society doesn't like to be confronted with it."
— A monolouge of Madoka in the last episode of Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar.
" Sometimes , it's better not to understand human emotions. Look what happens everyday in the world."
— Madoka to Karala in Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Way of Infinity
" Why does everyone in the world quote Nietzsche?"
— An allusion to the fact that SSJKamui often used quotes from Nietzsche in his fan fictions.(Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Way of Infinity:"History Lessons")
"When old people understand a new technology , the technology often isn't up to date anymore. So, they are afraid of the technology and the people who are able to use it. They didn't recognize the advantages of the global village. It improves the communication abilities of everyone, even the communication abilites of people like us become improved."
— Madoka to Karala.(Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Way of Infinity:"History Lessons")


  • Madoka gave Karala a small robot in shape of a parrot as a present and a small necklace as a symbol of their friendship. Madoka has bought a similar necklace.
  • Madoka has got a necklace which was a present of her mother. Her mother wore the necklace during some sport contest during her youth.
  • In their youth Madokas parents lived on the Phillipines.
  • Rene taught her some techniques of taekwondo.
  • The first word she spoke was the one.
  • June 27 is also the birthday of the Egyptian deity Seth.
  • In one episode of Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar, she wears a similar outfit to the character Ayane from the videogame Dead or Alive.
  • In the Episode "Special Layer: Freedom?", Madoka changed her haircut to a haircut which looks similar to Eve Tokimatsuri from Megazone 23.

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