Macabeans are a species native to Macaba, five weeks away from the Vulcan station on Carsallas Prime. The Vulcans have been dealing with them for decades before the 2150s.

They have very dark skin, bright green eyes, and above their eyes they have three stings of exposed bone instead of eyebrows.

The head of there government is "Leader Trasic of Stronghold." Stronghold is the name of there main city, but also serves as the name of there planet sometimes. Hoshi Sato thought it gave them a sense of security based on the strength of the city, saying that used to be common in history.

In the 2150s the Macabeans are experiencing a level of turmoil that they have not known in centuries. A faction had risen from Drusii, one of the outer cities, saying that the Stronghold was archaic, and that the concept should be dismantled. With the help of the Enterprise they were able to settle their dispute.


  • Engineer Croaj
  • Leader Trasic

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