The MCID or Mobile Computer and Interface Device was a system created by the Star Triangle Advanced Guard to allow easy access to command systems and advanced visual overlays for sensor data, enhanced visuals, and 360 degree Vision. (Adventures of STAG)

This was achieved using Borg Bionetic implants as processors and scanners as well as using uniforms that provided force feedback and Haptic capabilities which allowed for the usage of gestural interfaces and Isomorphic projections for Telepresence from any location. These systems allowed crew members to work anywhere in the ship on any task, making traditional centralized ship layouts useless, irrelevant and detrimental to good design as the decentralized systems allowed for greater use of all ship space for effective systems operation.

The one exception to this was the bridge crew which usually met in a central location for convenience in case of technical difficulties. The mesh network formed by The MCIDs communicating with each other meant that damage reports could still be issued, the away teams could still be contacted and somewhat less effective telepresence was still possible.

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