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The Chief of Security is lieutenant M'yra, who is a kind of "changeling", nobody knows her real origin, only the fact, that she worked under Kirk on the Enterprise-A in the last 5 year mission, and she get lost in a wormhole, displaced in time, only to resurface in the year 2374. She is a sexy, but devilish-looking officer with a kind of bonvivant/domina-attitude. (She makes jokes about the Devil, horse shoes, latex-dresses and whips.) She is the heart of the crew, she is friendly to anyone, makes jokes, and organises all kind of parties and social activities. In the same time, she is a capable security officer. But unknown to all, she has a secret agenda too: in reality she is a time-traveling agent for the 666 species of the historical interspecies coalition called the Host (more commonly called the Furies, who wanted to make Invasion against the Alpha Quadrant) agent from an alternate future, and she infiltrated the al-Qazwini only to receive orders from her secret masters. (Star Trek: USS al-Qazwini)

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