M'Kalek was a Starfleet engineer from the 24th century. (Seventh Fleet RPG)



She was an active child on Starbase 12, until an injury she suffered at the age of 8 wrecked her left knee. While she was recovering, she grew fond of taking apart whatever she could get her hands on, including tricorders, PADDs, and even an odd phaser or two. Instead of punishing her, her parents decided to foster this curiosity, which sparked her desire to become an engineer.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

M'Kalek had modest grades at the academy, though had trouble fitting in with other students. In her free time she often played basketball by herself, or with her friend and roommate Sellen, a Gorn student. She graduated in the middle of her class in 2388.


She was brought aboard the USS Naphalai right after graduation, and given the chance to be the assistant Chief Engineer. When the rift they were orbiting started having a feedback effect on the Bussard collector, she froze in uncertainty, resulting in the impulse drive to be severely damaged.

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