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Space: the final frontier...

It's ten years after the end of the Shinzon incident. The Federation, using recovered information from the Voyager, built advanced jump gates, creating a way to travel to the Delta Quadrant. A fleet was assembled--its one mission: start a new life in the Delta Quadrant. However things didn't go right and most of the fleet was lost or destroyed. The Repulse and her crew made it home and the commanding officer was exonerated and ordered to form a fleet and head to the other side of Romulan space, giving them plenty of space to explore: the Breen on one side, the Romulans on the other, and open uncharted space the other.

Now, 400 years after Captain Archer, we have found new homes and new enemies. We tried to come in peace but ended up in war with many races. We have now found a semi-stable future and that is what Lycanthrope Fleet is here to expand.

This is our future; these are our lives. We're here to defend and we're here to settle.

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  • Vice Admiral: Selection pending
  • Vice Admiral: Selection pending
  • Vice Admiral: Selection pending

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These posts are Out Of Character posts only.However they will still vote on fleet decisions.

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  • Webmaster: Arron Terial
  • Graphic Support: Kyle Charlton
  • Web Support/Manager/Web space supplied by: Terry Handel

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  • Lycanthrope Fleet website