For Earth's moon, see Luna (moon).

Luna was the Cardassian daughter of Gul Edet in the mirror universe, and Elita's half-sister. She spent much of her youth in her father's company while he oversaw an Alliance slave-labor camp on Khefka IV. She often watched slaves, including Stephen April, toil through a window of her residence.

During one such stay, April, having escaped a life of slavery, returned with a rebel Terran force to liberate the camp, killed Edet and took the adolescent Luna as a "prize". He kept her on a leash and chain for some time afterwards, as a symbol of his achievement. When she spoke harshly to him, April had her vocal chords removed. As an adult she lived with Elita on Risa, where she later had another brief run-in with April. (Star Trek: New Empire)

A similar version of this character, with the same background, existed in an earlier continuity mirror universe on Star Trek: Arcadia. This version was still a child during events which took place in 2379.

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