Luger Of The Mind is a crossover fanfiction featuring the classic police sitcom Barney Miller and Star Trek The Original Series. Specifically, it is a remixing of the TOS episode, 'Dagger Of The Mind', humorously replacing the crew of the USS Enterprise with Starfleet versions of Police Captain Barney Miller and the detectives of the 12th Precinct. It is a tribute to the late actor James Gregory, who played Doctor Tristan Adams in the Star Trek episode, and who played recurring character Inspector Frank Luger on Barney Miller. It is written by Rob Morris.

Returning an escaped prisoner to Mental Rehab Colony Tantalus Five, Captain Miller and the crew of The USS Noam Pitlik, NCC-1712, also bring along Admiral Frank Luger, there to visit with his nephew, Doctor Tristan Adams. But along with his crew's usual quirky behavior and the Admiral's unique personality, Captain Miller uncovers a conspiracy. The Final Frontier meets the Old One-Two.

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